Grow bag slab
Grow bag slab
  • Products are compressed and packed into PE plant nursery grow bag
  • Compressed Unit Dimension: 5 cm (± 0.5) (H) x 14.5 cm (W) x 100 cm (L)
  • Expanded Unit Dimension: 12 (± 0.5) cm (H) x 14.5 cm (W) x 100 cm (L)
  • Unit Weight: 2.5 kg or 5.5 lbs (± 0.5)

General ingredients:

     Product from fresh coconut shell: 60% of coconut peat, 20% coconut fiber, 20% cut coconut shells have been treated to eliminate acrid substances (tannin, lignin).

General usage:

Our product is absolutely convenience with a lot of functions such as:

  • Used as material to nurture clean plants which are grown in greenhouse, high-tech nursery house
  • Absolute Eco-friendly
  • Keep moisturizing, nurturing tree roots
  • Used to grow fruit trees such as: strawberry, tomato, cantaloupe, wax gourd plants, chili, chili peppers, cucumber, bitter gourd, honeydew, etc.
  • Used to grow small vegetables such as: watercress, kale, lettuce, etc.

Technical conditions:

  • EC ≤ 0.5 ms/cm3
  • PH : 5.8 – 7.0
  • Moisture level < 20% (based on the specific condition)
  • Tannin, lignin: < 10%
  • Compress ratio: 10:1

Use for high-tech membrane house

Use to grow cherry tomato

Use to grow cucumber

Use to grow bell pepper

Use to grow chili

Use to grow cherry tomato

Use to grow cantaloupe

Use to grow salad

Use to grow tomato

Use to grow strawberry